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Would you like to be able to lock GL periods to keep them from being posted to in error?

Do you or your employees have issues with accidently posting to a wrong period? Sometimes it is a past period or even year that is accidently posted to and sometimes it is a future period that was accidently posted to.

With OSAS Version 7.6, you can ‘lock’ periods so that nothing will post to that particular period?

In Resource Manager, Company Setup, Accounting Periods you select the year that you want to work with and under each application tag it YES in the period that you wish to close. Again, you can select periods in the past and periods in the future and only leave open a single period or two periods.

When someone tries to post in an application and the period for that application was closed they will get a message telling them that they cannot post to a closed period.

You do not have to close all the applications. You can leave General Ledger open if you are still working in it but close all the other applications to prevent employees from posting to the wrong period.

Closing all applications in all periods in last year is recommended so that no one could accidently post back to a past year