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Upgrade to OSAS Version 7.6 and these Accounts Payable enhancements are yours!

OSASVersion 7.6 of OSAS contains many new enhancements across the entire application suite, which are designed to make it easier to accomplish accounting tasks, retrieve critical data, and maintain information.  In this section, we are focusing on the many new enhancements to Accounts Payable in V7.6:

Accounts Payable

√ Print on-demand checks directly from the Hold/Release Invoices function, saving steps and time.

√ (BBj only) Print checks on blank check form stock with MICR coding–to use this, you must order the appropriate check form stock and set the Check Form Type in Accounts Payable Options and Interfaces to Blank Form.

√ (BBj only) Choose the number of signature lines for plain paper checks in the Bank Account function of Resource Manager.

√ Sort and view AP transactions using the new Transaction Inquiry function.

√ Vendor Labels function of AP now contains an option to skip a specific number of labels at print time, enabling you to use up partially printed sheets of labels.

√ You can limit the vendor labels to include only vendors that use specific Distribution Codes.

√ Skip the print alignment process by unchecking the Print Alignment? Box.

√ You can now use 15 characters to enter invoice numbers in AP and Purchase Order.

√ OSAS V7.6 features a number of enhancements to prepayments in AP:

  • The Distribution Codes maintenance function includes a specific deposit account in GL.
  • Prepayments in Hold/Release Invoices are treated and processed as deposits.
  • Use the new Deposit History Report function in the History Reports menu to view deposit history information.

Sage Software – Any time, Any Place

Sage Software is constantly listening to what our clients want. Our clients are saying that they want to be able to access their accounting software any time and from any place. Whether that be from the office connected to their local networks or remotely using tablets, smart phones and other devices, they want access. Sage has heard the message and over the next few months you will be seeing more and more capability to do just that.

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