An ERP System by any other name is still as sweet!

An ERP System by any other name is still as sweet!

Sage Software is a world-wide manufacturer of accounting software.  Over the years, they have acquired an impressive collection of software products, each a leader in their particular market niche.  During the past year, Sage has decided to rebrand many of their products using the Sage name to highlight the fact that each program is part of a larger organization.  The larger organization offers expanded resources, easy migration to other products as a companies needs change and many other advantages.

Sage MAS 90 will become Sage 100 ERP.  Sage MAS 200 will become Sage 100 ERP Advanced.  Sage MAS 200 SQL will become Sge 100 ERP Extended.  The new names are designed to indicate the increasing technology available with each version of Sage 100 while the look and feel of the programs to the user are the same.

A lot of time and effort has gone into the rebranding of Sage Software products.  While having the resources of the large Sage family behind each of their products is impressive, it’s the features of the software itself that will sell it, not the name.  Companies care about the ability of an ERP program to solve their accounting problems and make their company more efficient and profitable first.  The name of the product is secondary.

If Sage continues to pour the effort and resources into improving their software products that they’ve spent on the rebranding effort, they can’t help but succeed.  They have a large, diverse portfolio of excellent software products.  Investing this kind of effort in improving each of their products will produce dividends, not only for Sage’s customers but for Sage as a company itself.

Mark Ledford

Amazing Solutions, Inc.

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